degate  0.1.2
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DegateHelper.h File Reference
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namespace  degate

The namespace 'degate' is the namespace for everything that belongs to libdegate.


#define LENGTH_TO_MAX(l)   (l > 0 ? l - 1 : 0)


template<typename IntegerType >
IntegerType degate::next_power_of_two (IntegerType i)
 Calculate the next higher power of two for a value i with i > 0.
std::vector< std::string > degate::tokenize (std::string const &str)
 Tokenize a string.
std::string degate::write_string_to_temp_file (std::string const &dir, std::string const &content)
 Write a string to a temp file.
void degate::write_string_to_file (std::string const &path, std::string const &content)
 Write a string to a file.
int degate::execute_command (std::string const &command, std::list< std::string > const &params)
 Execute a command.

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#define LENGTH_TO_MAX (   l)    (l > 0 ? l - 1 : 0)

Definition at line 26 of file DegateHelper.h.

Referenced by degate::TemplateMatching::init().