degate  0.1.2
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#include <degate.h>
#include <Module.h>
#include <boost/foreach.hpp>
#include <boost/algorithm/string.hpp>
#include <iterator>

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std::string gate_port_already_named (degate::Module::port_collection const &ports, degate::GatePort_shptr gate_port)

Function Documentation

std::string gate_port_already_named ( degate::Module::port_collection const &  ports,
degate::GatePort_shptr  gate_port 

Definition at line 259 of file

Referenced by degate::Module::determine_module_ports().

  for(Module::port_collection::const_iterator iter = ports.begin(); iter != ports.end(); ++iter) {
    if(iter->second == gate_port) return iter->first;
  return "";

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