degate  0.1.2
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TypeTraits.h File Reference
#include <PixelPolicies.h>
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struct  degate::is_pointer< T >
 A pointer trait for the generic type T. More...
struct  degate::is_pointer< T * >
 A pointer trait for the generic type T *. More...
struct  degate::is_pointer< std::shared_ptr< T > >
 A pointer trait for the special shared pointer of type T. More...
struct  degate::call_trait< T, b >
 Method parameter type trait for pointer and shared pointer. More...
struct  degate::call_trait< T, false >
 Method parameter type trait for normal object that should be passed via reference. More...
struct  degate::is_single_channel_image< PixelType >
 Type trait for multi channel images. More...
struct  degate::is_single_channel_image< rgba_pixel_t >
 Type trait for single channel images. More...


namespace  degate

The namespace 'degate' is the namespace for everything that belongs to libdegate.