degate  0.1.2
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XmlRpc.h File Reference
#include <LogicModel.h>
#include <xmlrpc-c/girerr.hpp>
#include <xmlrpc-c/base.hpp>
#include <xmlrpc-c/client_simple.hpp>
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namespace  degate

The namespace 'degate' is the namespace for everything that belongs to libdegate.


xmlrpc_c::value degate::remote_method_call (std::string const &server_url, std::string const &method_name, xmlrpc_c::paramList const &params)
 Convinience method to call remote methods.
void degate::push_changes_to_server (std::string const &server_url, LogicModel_shptr lmodel)
 Push objects from the logic model to a remote server.
transaction_id_t degate::pull_changes_from_server (std::string const &server_url, LogicModel_shptr lmodel, transaction_id_t start_tid)
 Pull objects from a remote server into the logic model.
void degate::process_changelog_command (LogicModel_shptr lmodel, transaction_id_t transaction_id, std::vector< xmlrpc_c::value > const &command)
 Parse an execute a command.