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About Degate

layer types

Degates' purpose is to aid in VLSI- reverse engineering of digital logic in integrated circuits (ICs). Degate helps you to explore layered images from ICs. It matches standard cells on the imagery given by graphical templates and to some degree degate matches vias and wires. Degate assists you in tracing circuit paths and in reconstructing the net list.

Degate is not a completely automatic analyzing tool. Degate helps you with some automation in your manual chip reverse engineering process.

Supported Platforms

Degate is developed under Ubuntu and OS X. The GUI is based on gtkmm. So Degate should run on any unixoid platform, where gtkmm was ported to.


Please have a look at the status page to see what is implemented until now. Degate was topic of my diploma thesis, which was published in June 2011.

Author and Licence

Degate was originally developed by Martin Schobert. The software is open source. It is released under the GNU General Public Licence Version 3.