Here are the files and tools that were presented by starbug and Karsten Nohl in their talk "Deep Silicon Analysis" at HAR 2009.

Image stitching

Source code: ImageStitchingV2.0.zip
Author: Sven Kaden
Licence: GPL V3

Test images: [1] [2] [3] (first row, from left to right); [1] [2] [3] (second row, from left to right)

screenshot screenshot screenshot

Gate drawer

Source code: JavaGateDrawer.zip
Authors: Stefan Skillen and Daniel Wittekind
Licence: GPL V3

You need these two jar files: org-netbeans-api-visual.jar and org-openide-util.jar in order to compile and run the gate drawer tool. Both jar files are from the Netbeans project and are licenced under CDDL.


Edge detection test suite

Source code: All_TMT.zip
Author: Christin Schulz
Licence: GPL V3

Legic's logic model

The gate library specifies, which type of gates exists. You may want to check this page. It shows functions and images of all gate types. In the XML file gates have a parameter "name". This refers to the "ID" on the web page. The logic model describes which gate ports are connected and where the gates are placed.