degate  0.1.2
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
degate::AbstractShapeRepresents an abstract shape
degate::AnnotationAn annotation is a descriptive meta object that can be placed on a logic model's layer to mark a region of interest
degate::assert_is_multi_channel_image< ImageType >Compile time check for multi channel image types
degate::assert_is_single_channel_image< ImageType >Compile time check for single channel image types
degate::AutoNameGatesThis class helps to generate names for gates depending on their position
degate::BackgroundClassifier< ImageType, HistogramType >
degate::CalculateImageMedianPolicy< ImageType, PixelType >Policy class for image region median calculation
degate::CalculateImageMedianPolicy< ImageType, rgba_pixel_t >Policy class for image region median calculation for RGB(A) images
degate::call_trait< T, b >Method parameter type trait for pointer and shared pointer
degate::call_trait< T, false >Method parameter type trait for normal object that should be passed via reference
Classifier< T >
degate::CodeTemplateGeneratorBase class for code generators
degate::CollectionLookupExceptionThis exception is thrown if a method failed to lookup an object in a collection type, such as in a std::map or list
degate::ColoredObjectRepresents an object that has a frame and a fill color
degate::ConnectedLogicModelObjectRepresents a logic model object, that can be electrically connected to other logic model objects
degate::DeepCopyableDeepCopyable is a type for cloneable objects (deep-copyable)
degate::DegateInconsistencyExceptionRepresents a runtime exception, that reflects an inconsistency in the logic model or gate library
degate::DegateLogicExceptionRepresents a this-should-not-happen problem and indicates a programming error
degate::DegateRuntimeExceptionGeneric runtime exception in libdegate
degate::DilateImagePolicy< ImageType, PixelType >Policy class for image dilation
degate::DOTAttributesHelper class to handle attributes for the dot language
degate::DOTExporterBase class for a .dot exporter
degate::down_iterator< T >
degate::EMarkerRepresentation of an electrically connectable marker object
degate::ERCNetElectrical Rule Checks that detects unusual net configurations
degate::ERCOpenPortsElectrical Rule Checks that detects open ports, that means if a port is electrically unconnected
degate::ErodeImagePolicy< ImageType, PixelType >Policy class for image erosion
degate::ExporterThis is the base class for exporter classes
degate::ExternalMatchingRun an external program, that analyzes images
degate::FileSystemExceptionThis exception indicates, that a file system operation failed
degate::FilterKernelThe class FilterKernel implemements a container for 2D filter kernel data
degate::GateThe class Gate defines and implements a physically placed gate
degate::GateLibraryThis class represents a library of template cells
degate::GateLibraryExporterThe GateLibraryExporter exports a gate library
degate::GateLibraryImporterThe GateLibraryImporter imports a gate library
degate::GatePortThis class represents a port of a gate
degate::GateTemplateA gate template is a container for common properties, that physically placed gates of that type share
degate::GateTemplatePortThis class represents a port of a gate template
degate::get_bbox_trait_selector< b >
degate::get_bbox_trait_selector< true >
degate::GridBase class for grid types
degate::HlObjectSetThis class represents a collection of highlighted objects
degate::Image< PixelPolicy, StoragePolicy >The generic templated class for image objects
degate::Image< PixelPolicy, StoragePolicy_PersistentFile >Partial template specialization for the storage policy StoragePolicy_PersistentFile
degate::Image< PixelPolicy, StoragePolicy_Tile >Partial template specialization for the storage policy StoragePolicy_Tile
degate::ImageHistogram< KeyType, ValueType >
degate::ImageProcessorBaseAbstract base class for an image processor
degate::ImageReaderBase< ImageType >The base class for image readers
degate::ImageReaderFactory< ImageType >A factory for creating image reader objects
degate::ImageWriterBase< ImageType >The base class for image readers
degate::ImporterThe base class for importers that can parse text files
degate::InvalidFileFormatExceptionThis exception indicates, that libdegate is unable to handle the image file format
degate::InvalidObjectIDExceptionThis exception is raised if a method detects an invalid Object ID
degate::InvalidPathExceptionThis exception indicates an invalid path in the file system
degate::InvalidPointerExceptionThis exception is raised if a code fragment receives a null pointer where this should not happen
degate::InvalidXMLExceptionIndicates a runtime exception from the XML parser
degate::IPConvolve< ImageTypeIn, ImageTypeOut >Processor: Convolve an image
degate::IPCopy< ImageTypeIn, ImageTypeOut >Processor: Copy an image with auto conversion
degate::IPImageWriter< ImageType >Processor: Write an image to file
degate::IPMedianFilter< ImageTypeIn, ImageTypeOut >Processor: Median filter a single channel image
degate::IPNormalize< ImageTypeIn, ImageTypeOut >Processor: Normalize a single channel image
degate::IPPipeRepresents an image processing pipe for multiple image processors
degate::IPThresholding< ImageTypeIn, ImageTypeOut >Processor: Create a binary image from a single channel image
degate::IrregularGridThis class represents a grid type with non equidistant spacing between grid lines
degate::is_pointer< T >A pointer trait for the generic type T
degate::is_pointer< std::shared_ptr< T > >A pointer trait for the special shared pointer of type T
degate::is_pointer< T * >A pointer trait for the generic type T *
degate::is_single_channel_image< PixelType >Type trait for multi channel images
degate::is_single_channel_image< rgba_pixel_t >Type trait for single channel images
degate::JPEGReader< ImageType >The JPEGReader parses jpeg images
degate::LayerRepresentation of a chip layer
degate::LinearPrimitiveLineare primitive
degate::LineSegmentLine segment
degate::LineSegmentExtraction< ImageType >
degate::LineSegmentMapLine segment map
degate::LoGImplements a Laplacian of Gaussian
degate::LogicModelThis class represents the logic model
degate::LogicModelDOTExporterThe LogicModelDOTExporter exports the logic model or a part of the logic model as a dot graph
degate::LogicModelExporterThe LogicModelExporter exports a logic model
degate::LogicModelImporterThis class implements a logic model loader
degate::LogicModelObjectBaseThe class LogicModelObjectBase is the base class for basically every class that represents a logic model object
degate::MatchingBase class for matching alorithms
degate::MemoryMap< T >
degate::MemoryMapBase< T >
degate::ModuleImplements a container to build up higher level entities
MultiClassifier< T >
degate::NetThe net class represents an electrical potential that is shared between electrically adjacent objects
degate::ObjectIDRewriterThis class is used to defragment object IDs from a logic model
degate::PixelPolicy_BaseBase class for image policies
degate::PixelPolicy_GS_BYTERepresents a greyscale image pixel policy
degate::PixelPolicy_GS_DOUBLERepresents a greyscale image pixel policy
degate::PlacedLogicModelObjectRepresents a placeable object
degate::PluginManagerThe plugin manager that handles complex image processing plugins
degate::PortColorManagerThe PortColorManager manages color definitions based on common port names
degate::ProjectThe project class is a container for project related data
degate::ProjectArchiverExport a project directory as a ZIP archive
degate::ProjectExporterThe ProjectExporter exports a degate project
degate::ProjectImporterParser for degate's project files
degate::QuadTree< T >Quad tree to store objects and to accesss them with a two dimensional access path
degate::RCBaseBase class for Rule Checks
degate::RCVBlacklistExporterThe RCVBlacklistExporter exports a set of RC Violations, which should be ignored
degate::RCVBlacklistImporterThe RCVBlacklistImporter imports a list of RC violations, which should be ignored
degate::RCVContainerRepresentation for a container type, which holds a list of Rule Check Violations
degate::region_iterator< T >
degate::RegularGridRepresents a grid with equidistant spacing between grid lines
degate::ScalingManager< ImageType >The ScalingManager creates prescaled images for a master image
degate::SingletonBase< T >This is a base class for singletons
degate::StoragePolicy_Base< PixelPolicy >Base class for the storage policy of an image
degate::StoragePolicy_File< PixelPolicy >Storage policy for image objects that are stored in a file
degate::StoragePolicy_Memory< PixelPolicy >Storage policy for image objects that resists in memory
degate::StoragePolicy_PersistentFile< PixelPolicy >Storage policy for image objects that are stored in a persistent file
degate::StoragePolicy_TempFile< PixelPolicy >Storage policy for image objects that are stored in a temporary file
degate::StoragePolicy_Tile< PixelPolicy >Storage policy for image objects that consists of tiles
degate::SubImageAnalyzer< ImageType >
degate::SubProjectAnnotationAn annotation for subprojects
degate::SystemExceptionThis exception indicates, that a system operation failed
degate::TemplateMatchingThis class implements the matching of gate representing images on a background image
degate::TemplateMatchingAlongGridThis class is the base class for template matching along a grid
degate::TemplateMatchingInColsThis class implements matching for gate template that are aligned in a column
degate::TemplateMatchingInRowsThis class implements matching for gate template that are aligned in a row
degate::TemplateMatchingNormalThis class implements a template matching that basically scans line by line to detect gate placements
degate::TemplateMatchingStatisticsHelper structure for the collection of statistical values
ThreadPool< FunctionType >
degate::TIFFReader< ImageType >The TIFFReader parses tiff images
degate::TIFFWriter< ImageType >The TIFFWriter parses tiff images
degate::TileCache< PixelPolicy >The TileCache class handles caching of image tiles
degate::VerilogCodeTemplateGeneratorA code template generator for Verilog
degate::VerilogTBCodeTemplateGeneratorA code template generator for Verilog
degate::VHDLCodeTemplateGeneratorA code template generator for VHDL
degate::VHDLTBCodeTemplateGeneratorA code template generator for VHDL
degate::ViaRepresentation of a via that interconnects layers of a chip
degate::WireRepresents a wire
degate::XMLAttributeMissingExceptionThis exception is thrown if a XML importer detects a missing XML attribute and this XML attribute must be present
degate::XMLAttributeParseExceptionThis exception is thrown if a XML importer failed to parse a value of an XML attribute
degate::XMLExporterA base class for XML exporter
degate::XMLRPCExceptionIndicates a runtime exception from the XML parser
degate::ZipExceptionThis exception is thrown if a ZIP archive cannot be exported