How to start up degate?

If you installed degate as a Debian package you can run degate directly from terminal or via your Gnome menu.

In order to start degate, you need to define the environment variable DEGATE_HOME. It should reference the directory, that containts the directory for the glade files. Depending on shell type you should run something like that:

> export DEGATE_HOME=/home/foo/degate/gui

Then you can start degate:

> $DEGATE_HOME/degate_bin

Degate checks the environment variables on start. If directories are missing, degate aborts with an error message.

If you downloaded degate from github and compiled the source go into the source directory. There is a shell script named You can run it directly from your terminal. It will launch degate from the GNU debugger. If degate crashes, you will get a stacktrace, which you should send to me via email.

You can get a test project from the download section.