After a long time of active development between 2009 to 2011, Degate is in a somwhow usable state. There are still some bugs and missing features. Degate will already help you with your reverse engineering project. The degate software was already used to extract the DECT Standard Cipher and the encyption algorithm of Legic prime. It was also used to extract the memory encryption scheme of a common smard card processor familiy.

In 2019/2020, Dorian Bachelot forked the project and rewrote a large portion of the code base. This new Degate is hosted on Github.


This list of features refers to the old Degate:

Future work

Degate helps you to trace wires and vias to complete your netlist. The netlist is somehow implicit. You can use the Connection Inspector Dialog to inspect connections or you can read the logic model XML file to analyze it on your own. But both methods are time consuming tasks. The way to go is a graphical representation of the netlist. Therefore a tool named GateViewer was developed. This tool is currently not maintained.